Strategy to Execution - Change led delivery

Strategic change initiatives are complex and allow organisations to refocus, reform, restructure, re-skill and reenergise themselves. Change management is more than a weekly communications newsletter or the introduction of training courses. Change is about strategy, people, behaviour, culture, products and systems! These programmes range from $3M to $100M+ usually complex and high risk.

Our practitioners are specialists in this field with over 20 years experience, and are recognised for their successful track record in strategic and IT change. We have developed strong relationships with key government departments and commercial entities.

Each of the following ypes of changes requires a different level of change management as there are different aspects that need to be addressed. For example, a multinational change may need to consider the cultural aspects and locations that the change involves. An industry change may need to involve the industry associations. A cultural or organisational change may need to consider policies, functions, structures and processes. Any of these types of changes may also require information and technology changes.

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